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The Joy of Serving audio    The Joy of Serving    The Blueprint for Living    The Believer vs Defeated Spiritual Powers

Seven Characteristics of a Faithful Minister    Motivated by the Goodness of God

The Healing of Naaman    No Automatic Immunization    The Teacher Tribute   

16 Keys to walking by the Spirit    Forgers of the Word   The Love Way

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1977 Heartbeat Festival 1a    1977 Heartbeat Festival 1b    1977 Heartbeat Festival 2a

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The Stability of Our Times 1    The Stability of Our Times 2

STS 258  "Mountaintop Checkbook Verses"  11-28-1965   258A   258B   258C   258D 

STS 499. "Resurrection Ground"  4-18-1971.    499A    499B    499C    499D   499E    499F

STS 641. "Riches for Power" 11-11-1973.    641A    641B    641C    641D

STS 653. "The Virtuous Woman"  01-06-74.   653A   653B   653C   653D   653E  653F   653G   653H   653I  653J

STS 798.  "Look Unto God" 2-29-1976.   798A    798B    798C    798D

STS 814. "American Freedom" 6-20-1976.    814A    814B    814C    814D