"A believer's peace is lost when he allows sincere, religious people to put him under the covenant of works of the old testament. And when a believer loses sight of the truth of his standing in Christ then he loses sight of grace, mercy, love and the power of God. Then he gets into confusion as to the truth, and his peace evaporates, and it is gone." 

"Christianity is not a religion. There is a lot of religion in so-called 'Christianity' today, but that is not God's fault. Religion is what man does; Christianity is what God wrought in Christ. Christianity is not a religion--it is The Way, The Truth, and The Life--it is what God wrought in Christ. It is a father and His family; God is our Father, and we are His children. That puts us in the household of God." 

 "If someone comes into the ministry, we don’t drop them, we stick with them. We never kick anyone out. They kick themselves out, if they want to go. But they’re always welcome back." 

"The greater the leader, the greater the servant"

"You can be dead right but dead wrong because you have no love."

"When you forget God’s grace, you will be the one to cast the first stone." 

 "Things in this world are made to be used; people are made to be loved. You never use another individual. You can use things but not people; people are to be loved. Christianity is love; religion is selfishness." 

 "Religion has made the Word of God of non-effect by its tradition. That is why today men and women are living in deserts of spiritual despair and they drink from the stagnant pool of tradition instead of the fountain-head of God’s revealed and written Word." 

"If you are a spiritual person, you don’t push down and stomp on a person overtaken in a fault. If you are a spiritual person, you correct the person in the spirit of meekness."

 "Religion has always enslaved people and pushed them down. It has made them feel incompetent. It has degraded them and told them how sinful they were and how worthless. But the ministry of the Word has brought us up to tell us who we are in Christ Jesus."

 "The truth which is the true Word of God, today is unsettling to men’s minds because it is truth and it contradicts tradition."

 "Whenever somebody says that I have to do something I have a problem. The only thing Biblically that I have to do is love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and love my neighbor as myself."

 "Christianity is not what man does; Christianity is what God has done through Christ. The object of religion will always be to direct the flesh, and by rules and regulations try to make the flesh bring forth spiritual fruit." 

 "The simplicity of the Word of God, the Bible, is astounding. Most of us have too much complicated theology and not enough simple believing." 

 "Not only do we need the accuracy of God’s Word, but we must also get the zeal, the enthusiastic believing, the concern that other men and women might know that the Word of God is the Will of God."

Victor Paul Wierwille