4 String to 5 String bass conversions

I am a long time 4 string Rickenbacker player. Then I got into bands where I needed notes lower than the low E. So I would play my 4 string Rickenbacker for most of the songs and a 4 string jazz bass tuned DGCF for the other songs. But then I needed a low D flat so I switched to a 5 string bass. My first 5 string was a Rickenbacker 4003s5.

Rickenbacker Conversions

Here are some of my conversions.


For my Fender style basses that I convert in 5 string basses.

I like to start with a p-bass 4 string neck. I replace the nut with a blank that I put 5 slots in. I add a 5th tuner and a string tree.

I like to use Schaller 5 string bridges. Also 8 pole 4 string pickups work just fine for 5 string basses as long as you don't make the strings wider than the pickups.