2012 Rickenbacker 4003-425 Fireglo.

This is a brand new 4003 4 string bass converted into a 5 string bass along the lines of the old discontinued 4003s5 bass.


Here is the bass as a 4 string.

And here I am starting the conversion process. The 2012 has the new Caribbean Rosewood fretboard.

I have to replace the nut with a 5 string nut.

I use a Carvin 6 string nut. I cut off part and shape it to fit. I also have to shim it up to height.

I also have 5 string bridges machined out of aluminum.

Here is the bass as a 5 string bass. I pull the pickup poles for the A and D strings and put in 3 poles in their places to accommodate all 5 strings.

I also added 2 extra screws to the tailpiece and I remove the structure above the mechanical mute.

On this bass the mechanical mute was left in. Usually I remove it.

The string spacing at the bridge is a little less than 15mm.

I also add a 5th tuner into the headstock, and the tuners get replaced with smaller sealed tuners.